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This CCRE web page will list links to pending legislation in all 50 states which will or may affect the way we and/or  insurance companies do business.


Pennsylvania consumers are being cheated .House Bill 1638 will allow insurers to write estimates and pay claims based on photographs submitted by insureds and claimants. This is jst another ploy for insurers to unjustly enrich themselves at the expense of their policy holders. Please help to support the Pennsylvania group in defeating this atrocious piece of legislation’

House Bill 1638 - Vote No from Golden Art on Vimeo.



NCOIL [National Conference of Insurance Legislators] attempts to pass model legislation regarding aftermarket (imitation) collision repair parts. CCRE took an avid role in the attempt to stop this type of legislation that would codify these parts as equal to OEM.  Read more about NCOIL

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